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Our name says it all:




Choose a responsible car mover.  Although Eclipse offers competitive pricing, we pride ourselves in being the leader in quality and customer service.  We stand on service, as our performance eclipses the competition. We are certainly not the biggest car mover in the country.  However,  we will let our customers determine who is the best!  We offer auto transport to all American cities. When you move, or you need to relocate for a new job, call Eclipse. We'll ship your auto to your next assignment!


Below are some things we feel you should consider in order to choose the right company for your auto transportation needs. 


  • Choose a company that has established a reputation as being dependable and reliable in the auto transportation industry.                                                                                                                       

The absolute lowest price isn't much of an advantage, if your vehicle is delivered late or damaged.  Our people have over 50 yrs of combined transportation experience and know how to get the job done.  We are 5 star rated (highest possible) by our customers, as shown on Local, in state or around the country/world, we'll move your car using the safest, most efficient methods possible.



  • Competitive Rates


You will find our pricing very competitive with other major transporters in the industry, while also providing you with dedicated, superior, customer service.  We keep in touch with both our customers and the drivers to make sure that there's no guess work as to when cars will be picked up or delivered.


  • Be sure the car mover you choose holds itself and its carriers to the highest standards


We continually monitor our performance to ensure it meets or exceeds your expectations.  We have one of the safest operations in the industry and are ready to serve you.


  • National Service:

We offer service to the North, South, East Coast, West Coast and the Midwest.

Eclipse gives you:

  • Coast to Coast Secure Delivery

  • Low Rates

  • Peace of Mind


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